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Ukyo with Reiko

She is the ex-girlfriend of Ukyou Asahina.


Quite the opposite of Ema, her personality is a bit double-sided, where she can play a fool out of Ukyo. She can be very demanding and very spoiled if she doesn't get what she wants.


She is a little bit taller but overall looks exactly like Ema.


In Ukyo's route his past has been revealed and it was really entertaining. Somehow some of his personalities have been changed from time. On the part, after he knew that Reiko only started to date him just because he's a child of Miwa, rages him. After that meeting, he met Ema, who greatly resembled Reiko. In a fit of rage, Ukyo nearly hurt Ema, believing her to be Reiko, until she slapped him back to his senses. Once calmed down, he reveals his past with Reiko.


  • She presumably does not exist in the anime.