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Kazuma Sasakura
Sasakura Kazuma Game small
Kazuma as he appears in the game.
Kanji 佐々倉 和馬
Romanji Sasakura Kazuma
Gender Male
Age 16 (Season 1)
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student
School Hinode High School
Affiliation High school student, Yuusuke's classmate
Personal Status
Status Alive
Anime Debut Episode 7
Game Brothers Conflict: Passion Pink

Brothers Conflict: Brilliant Blue

Japanese Voice Kazunori Nomiya
English Voice Ricco Fajardo

Kazuma Sasakura (佐々倉 和馬, Sasakura Kazuma) is Asahina Yuusuke's classmate that also attends Hinode High School. He also loves Hinata Ema, treasuring the school photo with her in it.


Kazuma has medium dark brown hair and brown eyes. Similar to Yuusuke's, he wears a male school uniform, with the jacket usually left open.


Kazuma seems to have a very nice, polite, and respectful personality. He is also in love with Ema, but whether or not he tells her depends on the route. If he confesses to her, he is shown to be respectful and considerate of her feelings, and will try and help her when she's feeling down.


Ema HinataEdit

Kazuma is also in love with Ema, but whether or not he tells her depends on the route in the game. He treasures the school photo he has with her in it, and is always polite to her. However, in spite on his own feelings, he is not forceful with Ema, and is perfectly fine with it if she chooses someone else, as long as she's happy. He is respectful and considerate of her feelings, and will do whatever he can to pick her back up if she's feeling down. He also proves to be a bit protective of her, not tolerating anyone who hurts her or makes her sad.


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