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Upon reaching the last 5th Volume of 2nd Season of the Visual Novel, many has been declaring for the 2nd Season of Brothers Conflict Anime. While there has the possibility that it can happen (and not), these are the following rumors (garanteed 100% UNSURE) about it:

  1. A Season Season-Premiere of Brothers Conflict Season 2 will be realeased in September 12, 2017, with a total of 24 episodes at hand.

In July 22, 2014, the official website of Brothers Conflict announced Two OVA's for this year (probably December) and next year (estimating on February). These two ova's has christmas and valentine's day-themed, which the staff and casts look forward to. Gero (one who sang Beloved X Survival; anime opening [You're my speciaaal~]) is coming back once more to do this, as well as our all-time favorite ASAHINA bros. + Juli (they sang 14 to 1 for the anime ending). However, or should I say this time, they both will perform new songs.

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