The Eight Conflict: Nightmare
BroCon Episode 8
Kanji 第八衝突: 悪夢
Air date August 20, 2013
Staff Information
Director Atsushi Matsumoto
Music Information
Ending 14 to 1
Episode 7 Episode 9

The Eight Conflict: Nightmare (第八衝突: 悪夢 Dai hachi shōtotsu: Akumu) is the eight episode of the Brothers Conflict anime series, which aired on August 20, 2013.


Azusa ends up in the hospital and his siblings try to help him out, especially Ema. Tsubaki doesn't really know what to do when his twin was brought to the hospital because he felt responsible for Azusa's current condition. Ema and Natsume talk to Tsubaki about this and he decides to visit his twin.

Ema picks up the official family register which was needed for her passport and sees something unexpected...


List of characters in order of appearance:



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