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The First Conflict: Brothers
BroCon Episode 1
Air date July 3, 2013
Staff Information
Director Atsushi Matsumoto
Music Information
Ending 14 to 1
← N/A Episode 2

The First Conflict: Brothers (第一衝突: 兄弟 Dai ichi shōtotsu: Kyōdai) is the first episode of the Brothers Conflict anime series, which aired on July 2, 2013.


Though I can meet when I want to meet, it is too near to whisper love―

In the wake of her father's remarriage, Ema is supposed to live with most of her brothers. Looking forward to the increase in her family, the only child is moving to the apartment 「Sunrise Residence」 in Kichijoji. Thus her everyday life, will change drastically...


List of characters in order of appearance:




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