The Second Conflict: Confusion
BroCon Episode 2
Kanji 第二衝突: 混乱
Air date July 9, 2013
Staff Information
Director Atsushi Matsumoto
Music Information
Ending 14 to 1
Episode 1 Episode 3

The Second Conflict: Confusion (第二衝突: 混乱 Dai ni shōtotsu: Konran) is the second episode of the Brothers Conflict anime series, which aired on July 9, 2013.


A few days after Ema moved to the Asahina House, a birthday party to celebrate Subaru's adulthood was going to be held. Wanting to open up to her brothers and be a 「Family」 in both name and reality soon ― was what Ema thought. At the request of Ukyo, Ema prepares a homemade cake. The cake was popular with the brothers, giving her a sigh of relief. However, on that night, the words of Subaru that she overheard struck Ema in the chest...


List of characters in order of appearance:




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