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    FAQS & Questions

    February 19, 2015 by Arvee100smart

    Hi Everyone! Just a user who is likely to be ignored who started to bring up FAQS & Questions Blog! 

    In this page, I things about the Brothers Conflict will be answered by me, and I will try to answer it with proofs and truthsYou can still ask questions, just write in the comment and I'll just update my blog.

    So--! Let's get this Blog Started!!


    ​Okay. This is what I would like to explain for all of the BroCon fans.

    First of all---  NOT YET.

    If you will look at this page, it exactly says September 12, 2017. But I don't really think so.

    As stated in the said page, IT IS A RUMOR. A rumor where it is somewhere between fake and true.

    Also, that was supposed to be Summer 2017, but someone changed it. And for that someone, User:S…

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